And he’s off!

The husband left yesterday for DC. Yes, yesterday, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01, my one and only flew into Washington, DC, and it was no big deal. I lie. It was a little bit of a big deal because, well, come on. But thanks to the diligence of our men and women in uniform and the security that most people complain about at airports, he landed safe and sound and checked into the hotel with no issues. Next up for him: the Metro.

Next up for me: walking the dog and going to work, then continuing to stalk job sites and Capitol Hill job openings. People keep telling me the jobs are endless, that they know of crummy interns who got jobs just as their internships were running out on the Hill, that good staffers are hard to come by so I’ll have no problem finding work.Thanks for the encouragement, but I’m still jobless and starting to feel a little like the kid with no deodorant who gets picked last for kickball.

Wah waaaah.


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