A bite!

Today I got a call for my first DC interview! The job is one of three I was most excited to apply for and I was elated when the email came, saying they would like to discuss my resume further. Phone interview: Wednesday evening. Come on, Wednesday evening!

The husband spent all day looking at apartments in the area. There are lots of good options, but all of them would be better options with two salaries, of course. They are all kind of running together for me right now. I can only imagine how he feels.

The weather is changing here in my beloved Midwest and the cracks around the a/c units in the windows are starting to let cool air in, despite my best efforts with packaging tape and plastic placemats. I could turn the heat on but the cracks around the a/c units would let it out and I’m too cheap to pay for that, so I choose to freeze. Rumor has it that it will still be legitimately fall when we get to DC in October/November, while winter will already be rolling in over here.

In other news, the brain MRI I had a few weeks ago to figure out some weakness and headaches came back abnormal. Hmmm. The doctor said his office will call me tomorrow to schedule the other tests that I will need to have done. At least I think that’s what he said…great doctor, but the accent is quite thick.


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