Back in the room

The husband got home last night, much to the delight of this little lady and our very needy dog. This morning I applied for yet more jobs in the DC area and am really excited about some of them. The others, well, a paycheck is a paycheck sometimes.

The husband’s apartment search yesterday was somewhat fruitful. He fell in love with Alexandria and met with a real estate agent on a whim, coming home with a folder of rental information for some awesome places. If I don’t have a job before we go out there, living in Alexandria is pretty much out of the question, but he found a solid backup plan during the week, so I feel good about having a roof over our heads next month.

I woke up in the middle of the night to some crashing and banging sounds that turned out to be the husband taking the a/c units out of the windows and closing them up for the fall. Looks like some people in this house aren’t as willing to freeze as the rest of us.


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