Going, going…

A family from church test-drove the Grand Am after the service today. They are 95% sure they will buy it, and for our asking price, which is quite reasonable anyway, I must say. The dad is going to take it this week to a mechanic they know, and then they’ll make the offer (or not, I guess…) for sure.

Our decision to basically sell everything and start over once we get to DC is off to a good start. We’ll have a moving sale soon and if the Grand Am has a new home by the end of the month, our moving budget will be on its way to meeting my our goal.

We strolled around downtown with friends yesterday afternoon and the best little magnet at some cutesy shop called my name so I put it in my pocket* and took it home with me and can’t wait to put it up at work.

Peep this:

Heed this, and live a long life.

*Yes, I paid.


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