He said, she heard

The husband: I was dialoguing in my head earlier today…
Me: Dialoguing in your–oh, you mean thinking. Continue.
The husband: Ok, I was thinking that if I’m going to be on the Hill, I should do a little studying up on what it’s like to work in that environment.
Me: You want to buy the West Wing seasons we don’t have, don’t you?
The husband: It’s professional development, baby.
The husband: And now you’re going to write about this on your blog.
Me: Baby, this stuff writes itself.

Communication is vital in a marriage. During one of our conversations last week while the husband was in DC, he mentioned that when we get out there, we will each be the other person’s only friend around. He’s right, of course, and some strange, sick little part of each of us is excited about that. It will be like honeymooning without the awkward new underwear and pressure of thank you notes.

When I started my current job, the husband, who used to work in my building, drew me a map on the back of a grocery list, showing me how to get there. In DC, we will have to figure that stuff out together.

So while I will blog about it when my wonderful husband uses an expression like “dialoguing in my head,” really I will be thankful that he is telling me what that dialogue was. Communication is vital in a marriage, and maybe even more so when your success in unfamiliar territory depends on someone else, and theirs on you.


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