The husband: I grew a pair!
Me: Oh? Then what were–nevermind. Continue.
The husband: I told The Landlords about our situation and they were really cool about it and said we can talk more this weekend.
Me: Wow! Thanks for doing that.
The husband: Sure. I figured we should just get it out there so I grew a pair and talked to them.
Me: So my carefully worded and very formal letter, which includes the words hereafter, undersigned, and conjunction is no longer required for these purposes because you pranced across the street, had a beer with The Landlords, and just threw it down?
The husband: Yep.
Me: Niiiice.

What a huge load off. We were dreading telling our landlords about the move because we love it here, we really like them, and we signed a year-long lease. Yes, people move all the time before leases are up but that can be expensive and did you see my first two reasons? To have this crossed off the to do list is major. Nice work, husband.

My interview with Company Z went very well! I dialed the conference number and entered the code and then sat quietly* on the line for over five minutes, second guessing my ability to dial correctly and trying to remember if the operator said #6 mutes or unmutes the line.

The HR lady did eventually pick up and we had a great conversation, complete with this line: “We already like how you write, now we would like to see how you edit.” (Answer: With style. Watch this.) She sent me an editing test to complete before the end of the week. I sent her a thank you email.

Progress! Two big things off to a good start.

*Well, mostly quietly. I was in a parking lot and had to crack the car door because my ear was starting to sweat, but my keys were in the ignition so the car ding-dinged really loud. And I may or may not have chirped “hello?” a few times. I think I caught myself before I started humming.


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