Not us, just the car.

Today we sold the Grand Am. I put together a bill of sale and all that good stuff in accordance with the Secretary of State website, and tomorrow we hand over the title and get our license plate off the back. This was my first car and selling it was going to make me sad no matter what, but these are definitely the best possible circumstances–a family that we know and like needs it, we don’t have to deal with the crazies on craigslist, and the husband doesn’t mind walking to and from work for the next month. Sold!

Next weekend, weather and landlords permitting, we’ll have a moving sale. Ooo! Today my doctor’s office sent me a check for $10, a refund for overpaying my copay. Into the moving fund treasure chest it goes. Small victories.

They are watching the Republican debate and I'm sleeping with my eyes open. Small victories.


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