What, small dogs don’t bark and bite?

Radiologist: Ok, we’re all done.
<I zoom out of the MRI tube on the little tray>
Me: Is it mad cow, doctor?
Radiologist: Probably not. How do you feel?
Me: The back of my head is asleep and the music shut off halfway through Mozart’s piano concerto.
Radiologist: Sorry about that. We’ll read the scans and let you know.

And that was the MRI-with-contrast-and-spectroscopy. Half-way through the 90 minute procedure the lovely classical music I had requested did indeed shut off and I was sorely disappointed. And then bored. And then I started to think of funny things and sad things alternately, to see if that would impact the scan results.

I took the day off from work today because I wasn’t feeling so great and I was going to take a half day anyway, because of my appointment. I had to go to the credit union and wondered if I could stop there while walking the dog, thereby killing two birds with one stone. I called to ask.

Credit union lady: Hello?
Me: Hello. If I am out walking my dog and I stop at the credit union by our house, can I bring him in the lobby with me?
Credit union lady: Let me check. <puts me on hold, comes back> If your dog is small enough that you can carry him, we don’t think that would be a problem, but if he’s much bigger than that, we think it’s probably not a good idea.
Me: Oh. He is much bigger than that. Ok, thank you, just thought I would check.

Carry him? I can’t even lift him. I blame his father.


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