Catcall this.

Tonight some crazy in a motorized wheelchair stopped, watched me pick up after my dog, then chased us down the street, catcalling. Even the dog kept looking over his shoulder with an uneasy expression on his little face while we trotted as fast as we could without actually running away. But the motor was going full-tilt and Creeper was gaining on us and when the shin splints started, I decided to heck with it all and did the only thing the dog and I could do that our pursuer couldn’t.

We ran into traffic.

I give you the side eye. Ya creeper.

And then we came home and after entering the same information about my college education on four different screens for the same job posting, I decided enough is enough and I applied to work at the zoo.

I did get one response this evening to a resume I sent earlier today. They will “let me know as we proceed.” It was signed “Best, John Smith.” I never understood that…whose best? I’m going to start signing emails “Pretty good, Me” or “Crummy, Me.”


2 thoughts on “Catcall this.

  1. It’s short for “best regards,” which is another dumb closing. I think people didn’t feel comfortable using the grammatically correct, “warm regards” or “warmest regards,” [why not? same reason the gender-neutral but grammatically correct ‘he’ in certain usages has gone the way of high-button shoes] so they came up with something universally acceptable and therefore bland and nonsensical. Whew. I feel better now. 🙂

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