To quote Monica Gellar

“This. Just. Got. Interesting!”

I forget what Friends episode it’s from, but I’m pretty sure Monica says it sometime between Seasons 3 and 6. Feel free to correct me.

The neurosurgeon (who does not have an accent!) was…helpful? this morning. The short story is this: They can’t quite tell what they are looking at, but everyone’s best guess is a low grade glioma, or a brain tumor. Small, and somewhat out of the way, which is good, although since we’re talking about a brain, “out of the way” is a rather relative term.

The doctor told us we have two options. Option 1: Do nothing right now and check on things again in six months, with an MRI. Option 2: Biopsy the site and decide from there what to do. Unfortunately, the only way to get to the brain is through the skull, so a brain biopsy is slightly more involved than having a mole removed.

We are trying to decide what to do, and praying for clear minds and a good decision. Part of the argument is hey, maybe I have had this my whole life and since I don’t have seizures, let’s leave well enough alone.The other argument is hmm, what if this ‘incidental finding’ is God’s way of allowing us to nip this in the bud, and waiting six months to move on it would be the wrong decision?

Either way, the husband and I tried to be brave little toasters but we both still had some tears today.

Me: Just so I know, why are you crying?
The husband: Because I love you and I don’t want you to be sick or scared.
Me: Oh ok. I’m just crying because a biopsy means they will shave my head.


3 thoughts on “To quote Monica Gellar

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  2. I got a bit misty again until the part about shaving your head. Thanks for the chuckle. We’ll keep on praying. …So grateful for a God who hears us.

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