Decision: Made

Our either/or decision on what to do next was made for us today when Dr. J’s nurse called to say that they scheduled the biopsy for me next Thursday morning. And so we said ok, thanks.

The husband called our pastors earlier this afternoon and both of them came over to our house to talk with us and pray with us. It was extremely helpful and comforting and they suggested, as parents themselves, that we let my parents know what is going on. I called their stateside contact to find out the best way to get a hold of them.

My surgery will be next Thursday morning at 7:30 am. I will have yet another MRI (called a stealth MRI–cool, right?) on Wednesday night, which the doctors will use to guide them on Thursday.

I told the husband that it feels totally cliché to be blogging about a brain tumor. Everyone (who has one) does that! Ugh. Please bear with me until we move to DC and get this party started.


3 thoughts on “Decision: Made

  1. If it makes you feel better, I can start blogging about the brain cloud I think I probably have (*Joe Vs. The Volcano*-style). Or shave my head in solidarity, if you ever need somebody to do that. OR loan you my pink wig until hair grows back, but that is cheap nylon and kind of scratchy, so maybe not. Basically, whatever would help.

    And what is standard attire for a stealth MRI? Black turtleneck and really dark sunglasses? I vote yes.

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