Decisions, decisions

Today the husband and I are both working from home. Well, I’m working from home, I think he’s making me a list of doctors to call for second opinions.

One call I made this morning was to Dr. J’s nurse, to go over everything Dr. J said yesterday and to ask her if his warnings about the risks of a biopsy were standard fare or something they bring out for the Halloween season. She said they are standard.

And then, in a moment of inspiration, I asked if she could look up a CT scan I had done three years ago to see if what they are seeing on my MRIs appears on the CT films. Turns out that CT scan pops right up when my name is entered in their system, and no, the doctors haven’t noted that what they see now was there a few years ago.

The plot thickens. Dr. J is supposed to call me this afternoon to follow up on my conversation with his nurse. If this* has developed in the last few years, the husband and I are pretty sure we’ll chose the biopsy. Dr. M’s nurse will also call me back, after checking with him for an opinion.

Me: So when my dad was in the Navy and would go away, something bad always happened.
The husband: Like what?
Me: Anything from the stomach flu to hospital stays. Three out of four of us ended up in the ER at some point during his active duty tours over the years. My poor mom.
The husband: So now that they are both out of the country…
Me: It figures that a brain tumor** would pop up.

** Martha.


7 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

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    • Pretty sure, yep. My foot near-amputation was while he was gone and I think you got pancreatitis while he was out of the room. Heck, he was gone when I took Mom to urgent care because she got a weed in her eye while gardening.

      • Let’s not forget The Great Thanksgiving Barf-o-Rama when we were on the way to see him at one of the AT sites and all of us got sick. Repeatedly.

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