I feel bad for Tuesday

Me: See what just happened there? I fell over.
Sister: Yeah, I saw. I thought I would pretend not to see and help you preserve your dignity.
Me: Oh, thanks. Maybe next time you can help me preserve my dignity by making sure I don’t actually have to use both hands to get off the floor at Target.
Sister: Oh, for sure. No problem. Cute shoes, by the way.
Me: Totally worth tipping over in Target for.

The little sister and I went to Target yesterday for a few things while she was in town. I have always had bad balance* and yesterday when I bent down to pick up the shoes I had just tried on, I fell over. Apparently the sister saw and chose the help-others-help-themselves route.

Yesterday I had blood work done and tomorrow I see my regular doctor for a pre-op physical. They moved my appointment from 9:30 am to noon, which might be somewhat inconvenient for someone who works nearby, but is extremely inconvenient for someone who drives over an hour to get to work. Then again, nothing about this situation is convenient so probably that word should take a hike. Wednesday night is the stealth MRI and Thursday is the big day. I feel bad for Tuesday. What a normal day. Such a middle child day of the week.

This morning we showed up a bit late for church, at the husband’s request. I had no problem with slipping in when everyone else was seated and it was too late to get hugs and questions. After the service was a different story, and the outpouring of love was a blessing. Neither one of us realized how draining this has been until we got home and both were too tired to walk. I napped for four hours. He went to help the landlords.

At times like this, everyone should have a dog. Our plan from the first week we had Dietrich was to make him a therapy dog, one of those dogs that goes to hospitals and sits with people before surgery and makes kids in rehab feel better. We never thought one of us would be his first patient to comfort. He has been a champ.

*You might say, ‘how could this be? You practiced the martial arts for a time’ and you would be right. But have you noticed the pads one practices the martial arts upon? Do you see now why I chose such a sport? Yes.


5 thoughts on “I feel bad for Tuesday

  1. Trenton had therapy dogs come a few times when he was at Mary Free Bed–so great and one of the first times I realized he was really seeing! 🙂 I’m glad you have your support pup and husband and most importantly God. I’ll be praying for you lots this week. And maybe the thicker the accent, the smarter the doctor?? 😉

  2. Diets would be such a great therapy dog! I thought that today before I even read your post. Actually I was thinking this afternoon about whether I could create a convincing fake therapy dog vest and smuggle him in to see you on Thursday… do you think a Cubbies or Sparks vest would do? (Can he say verses?)

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