A four-legged shadow

Me: Dietrich, you’re a good boy.
Me: And you have a soft head and are nice to pat.
Me: Now please lay down and stop licking my knee.
Me: Seriously. Stop it.

Dietrich has been my little shadow. When I try to fall asleep on the couch, he checks on my face me; when I’m drying my hair, he lays outside the bathroom; when I’m working at the table, he sleeps under my chair. This dog has been amazing, and my only complaint is that my shadow keeps passing some seriously raunchy gas.

My pre-op physical went well. Bottom line is that I’m healthy enough to have brain surgery. Yay? Two of the nurses discussed whether or not I needed an EKG and why or why not, and I felt a little bit like they should have had that worked out before the husband and I were standing right there. Oh well. Final answer: EKG=not necessary.

I have a great primary care doc and she was very reassuring at today’s appointment.

Dr. R: Let me check the letters Dr. J sent to me so I can tell you what he told me that he didn’t want to tell you.
Me: Ok.
Dr. R: They are going to biopsy a lesion on your left anterior temporal lobe.
Me: How big is it*?
Dr. R: About <checks letter> 3 cm by 3 cm.
Me: Where will they drill?
Dr. R: Depends on the exact location of the abnormality. They may try to go in along a cranial suture, where the plates of the skull fuse together.
Me: Head seams?
Dr. R: Sure. Let’s go over the rest of the pre-op questions…do you smoke? No you don’t. Have you experienced swelling in the extremities?
Me: No.
Dr. R: Nosebleeds or excessive bruising?
Me: No.
Dr. R: Feeling down, despondent, or anxious?
Me: <stares>
Dr. R: <stares>
Me: Well.
Dr. R: Ok, that doesn’t count this time.

After determining that my health is sufficiently intact for this procedure and after my blood pressure returned to normal-twenty-six-year-old-female range, Dr. R sent me and the husband on our way to eat lunch. Now he’s back at his office and I’m back at the table, getting ready to finish yet another day of working from home. Tomorrow and Wednesday I go to my office like a normal person!

A friend told me that because I write the way I talk, reading my blog makes her feel like we just had a conversation. Another friend sent an email hug, which looks like this: (( )). Such nice things to hear and to get right now.



5 thoughts on “A four-legged shadow

  1. Dearest Sister. Just spoke with your hubby. You two are so special to me, and are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if I can be of any help. Love you.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree about being able to see and/or hear you when reading something you’ve written. Always makes me smile.
    As for an e-hug… {( )}*

    *I have pointy elbows

  3. I definitely can hear you and see your facial expressions when I read your blog. And I love how you can make me laugh while talking about things like…well, like ANYTHING, if this latest subject serves as a guide.

    Dr. R: Feeling down, despondent, or anxious?
    Dr. R:
    Me: Well.
    Dr. R: Ok, that doesn’t count this time.

    For real, medical professionals? Come on.

  4. have to do one arm… )))))))) ryan is on my lap & just peed on my jeans… see if i let his diaper rash fresh out at the ‘puter again

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