Himalayas calling!

My parents called this morning! For them it was 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. here. I guess my mom did register what I was saying when we talked for a minute last week, because they haven’t had access to email and so don’t know anything beyond what I said on Friday night.

They wanted to call as close to Thursday as possible and before surgery. My mom asked if they will go through my nose; if someone else hadn’t already asked that, prompting a Google search that rendered evidence of exactly such a procedure, I would have thought she was being silly. I told her no and left it at that. She handed the phone to my dad.

He wanted to know how the husband and I are doing, and how work is treating both of us. I said both of our bosses and offices have been great and have reiterated to us that we are to focus on this right now and not worry about work. I told him the husband’s office and Congressman X sent flowers last week. He approved of this.

Dad: Do you want to say goodnight to your mom?
Me: Yes, please.
Dad: Is there anything besides prayer that we can do for you?
Me: No. Just stay healthy and don’t fall down the mountain.
Dad: Ok, here’s your mom. I love you.
Me: Stay warm! I love you, too. <pause> Hi, Mama.
Mom: Ok chick, we’ll talk to you when we get home. <sniffs>
Me: <chooses to ignore sniffing, uses perky voice> Ok! I will be resting away, so chat with me when you’re around!
Mom: Ok. <sniffs> We love you.
Me: I love you, too! Thanks for calling!


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