I shower, therefore I am

Today I am typing on my own! The room and the words on the screen are spinning only mildly and I’m thankful for auto-correct since the husband is in the shower.

Speaking of showers, I did! The husband had to send me back to rinse my hair but I’m clean and that is not to be under valued. I figured that if I was alert enough to be ashamed of the gray sticky junk left on me by hospital tape, I was with it enough to shower. And mostly I was. I needed meds and a nap when I was done.

Last night the husband and I both slept in our bed. First night I slept laying down in a week and it felt great. I think it was just plain the first night the husband slept.

Me, most of the time.


5 thoughts on “I shower, therefore I am

  1. “Today I am typing on my own” made me picture your husband hold your fingers over a keyboard for the previous days. And hey, if you have to feel exhausted, you might as well be exhausted in a cute panda way.

    I have been thinking about you a lot and am glad to see a post that you have been able to do some more normal stuff again. Amazing how important that stuff becomes when you don’t get it. (I couldn’t sleep lying down once just from a bout of influenza, and even that was horrid.)

    May the sleeping continue and be healing!

  2. Q wanted to know what kind of shower you had. I think he was confused because two aunts have been in mealtime prayers lately and both have recently had showers that occasioned discussion (don’t feel bad, by the way; at my house, EVERYTHING occasions discussion!). At least explaining two kinds of showers was easier than convincing his elder brother that the “frog” on a horse’s foot is not the hopping, green kind. That mental image gave rise to some serious hilarity on AJJ’s part.

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