I combed my staples

This morning after my shower I carefully patted my head with a towel and gently combed my hair, combing right over the surgical staples in my skull. <insert expletive and spotty vision here> It was unpleasant. A rather sickening sensation.

Today my parents came out to spend the day with me so the husband could go to work. I’m not supposed to be alone so anytime the husband takes the dog out or goes to the office, I need to have a babysitter. Today it was my parents, which has been nice. Dad even turned down an invitation to tonight’s ALCS Game 5 because he and my mom were already planning to be here. What keepers!

This afternoon I turned on my work computer and spent a few hours catching up on work email and office news. Tomorrow I should be able to do mostly a full day. I have felt better today than I have felt since surgery, and the dizziness has largely subsided. It was bad enough this week that I called the nurse today to make sure this is typical, and she is checking with the doctor.

I also asked her about the numbness on the left side of my head. The feeling has come back around the edges of my hairline in the last day or so, but a good portion of my head is still numb and the nurse said that may be permanent! It’s a really weird feeling and to think it might stay that way is throwing me off. It burns where the numb part meets the feeling part so I hope that isn’t forever. My cells are at U of M right now, so biopsy results aren’t in yet.

Ho hum. Still waiting. And can't feel my head.

So many people have sent cards and notes and emails and Facebook comments and blog comments in the last week and it has been absolutely wonderful. I love every single bit of contact from friends and family, near and far (my cousins in Japan sent a card today!). Every last word to us and prayer on our behalf has been invaluable.

A fruit bouquet from my bosses and friends at work! I'm supposed to be eating fruit to aid in healing. And comb damage.



7 thoughts on “I combed my staples

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  2. So are you taking applications for new friends? I’d like to apply! I know your husband from his time in the history department at Calvin. The fruit thingy looks very tasty – I’m sure chocolate helps in the recovery as well – all those antioxidants…I’m praying that the report comes in soon from U of M, and that the numbness does wear off over time.
    With support and prayers for you both and your families,

    Karin Maag

  3. Yay for parents “babysitting.” Even when I just have a cold, I have a tendency to revert to 8-year-old mode. My mom was probably too nice to me when I was sick as a kid.

    Trudy’s theory sounds accurate. Here’s hoping she is right and the nurse is WRONG.

  4. New connections get made over time — that may be the burning you feel–nerve endings are hurting, seeking, repairing, and healing.

  5. I am glad you wrote that about no feeling where the staples/incision are… I don’t have any feeling in the skin of my finger where the ersatz incision and subsequent stitches are, either, and it’s been more than two weeks. Underneath, though, if it gets bumped – or, say, combed, for comparison’s sake – man, the boys’ eyes get big. :/

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