Out and about(ish)

Today my sister spent the day with me and took me for a walk around the block.We went slow and should have dressed warmer. On an adjacent street with abundant fall foliage dressing the ground, I commented that the leaves really fell fast this year, there weren’t this many yesterday! <leaves crunching> She gave me a minute to realize that I hadn’t been outside my own yard in over a week and that really, ankle-deep leaves hadn’t piled up overnight.

When the husband got home from work and picking up the dog from his trial day at doggy daycare (success!), we went for a slow walk together, too.

The husband: <smooch on the side of my head>
Me: <gasp of pain>
The husband: Oh! Sorry! Did I get you right on the staples?
Me: <deep breathing> Your nose bumped them.
The husband: I’m so sorry! Are you ok?
Me: Yes, it’s going away now.
The husband: <smooch on my cheek> I thought your glasses would poke me in the eye if I went for your face.
<leaves crunching>
Me: Oh my WORD not a poke in your poor EYE!

I’m learning to be more sympathetic to others through this trial, but I feel like I already had a high aptitude for putting things in perspective and perspective really won out on our walk. We did laugh about it though. Until the staples started pulling.

No biopsy results today. This isn’t really bothering me. A number of people have asked if we have heard, and if it’s hard to keep waiting for a call from my doctor, but we haven’t, and honestly, it’s not. The scariest news in the last few weeks, to me at least, was that the first MRI* was abnormal. Since then I haven’t been overwhelmingly concerned with what Martha might be or might mean because seriously, the last thing I need right now is acid reflux from worrying about something I can’t control.

Tomorrow the husband and I will leave the dog at his new daycare for an overnight stay and head to the great colorful north for one of my best friends’ weddings. We were planning all along to make it a fun long weekend, complete with a wine tour or two and some days off work.

Then we got the DC news and decided that in the interest of vacation time and spending, we would abridge those plans slightly.

Then Martha happened and we forgot about even booking a room until yesterday. I think we got the last room for 75 miles, which is reflected in the price. But who even cares? We have been looking forward to this wedding and this weekend for months and spending time with friends I never get to see, in the beautiful fall colors of up north, plus shopping and spending time alone with the husband, will be the most extraordinary normal we have had lately. I can’t wait to drop off the pup, turn on the Ray Lamontagne, and hit the road.

Also, a small mystery I would like to solve this weekend: The friend getting married has an “older sister” which I put in quote marks because in the 17 years I have known this friend, I have never met her “sister.” I plan this weekend to close The Case of the Invisible Sibling and any questionable measures I go to will be patently blamed on Martha.

But I wear glasses. And no hat for me. <shudder>
* The first MRI on my brain was done because in looking for an explanation for decreased dexterity in my left hand, Dr. M said “we just don’t want to miss anything” and ordered a just-in-case MRI of my brain. And then the fun began.

4 thoughts on “Out and about(ish)

  1. I am glad you have such a great perspective on this. Worrying is really a waste of time…not that I remember that when I’m worrying….

    Sounds like your brain is trying to tidy up the last several days and sweep the not-so-ordinary memories under the rug through a campaign of misinformation: “Okay, everybody, we have to contain this thing. If anybody asks, we were just outside *yesterday*, all right? And if she starts processing visuals, remember…it has been VERY windy this year.”

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