I loathe thee, goosebumps

I love fall. The weather, the wardrobe, the smells, the sights, the sounds. But with fall’s chilly winds come goosebumps, and with goosebumps comes a teeth-gritting pain as all the skin on my scalp contracts and pulls on my staples and sets on fire the mohawk of hyperactive nerve endings that won’t cut to the chase and lose feeling like the rest of them. Sneezing has the same effect. Who would have thought I’d have to brace myself for goosebumps?

Tiny hairs are already growing back in the spot that was shaved for surgery. They are prickly and small, but gaining length each day. Suddenly I am overcome with affection for my Polish heritage and our oft-bemoaned ability to produce body hair.

I have been surprised and also relieved that no one has asked to see the staples. I would say no anyway, probably. The only people who have had to look at them are the sisters, the parents, and the husband, who checks for infection. I find myself using less hair product and eschewing the blow dryer because anything that goes in must be washed out again and really, applying heat directly to the area? No thanks.

An insurance error nearly gave me a heart attack last night when I read the explanation of benefits that arrived over the weekend. In a nutshell, insurance billed incorrectly my office visit with Dr. J and said something in the explanation about this provider not renewing a contract, making him out of network and us responsible for the full cost. My mouth went dry and I could feel my heart beating in my eyeballs…out of network for an office visit is one thing…out of network for brain surgery is quite another. In the end, Dr. J is in network, I’m under “continuing care” which means no referral is necessary, and the proper insurance will be billed for the office visit.

I was so relieved I got goosebumps. <insert angry eyes here>

The first day back at work was fine. It was so good to see my friends and have a little bit of a schedule! By 9:30 I was telling myself not to panic about staying awake all day and by 2:30 the boss suggested that I go home early. But I got a ride today, I protested. I already cleared him leaving early, too, said the boss. I really tried to stick it out all day but in the end decided not to be a hero and we left by 4:30. Tomorrow I’m in it for the long haul. Early to bed tonight!


5 thoughts on “I loathe thee, goosebumps

  1. That insurance story made my heart drop a bit and you prefaced it with the word “error.” Yikes. And yay for insurance. Comes in handy at times like this.

    And I don’t ever, ever want to see the staples. Unless you start keeping a pen in them as though you had a mini spiral-bound notebook in your head.

    • So funny you should say it that way – that’s exactly what they look like, the spiral binding from a notebook. Only kind of fatter than the usual rings. They are about as thick as a dollar coin. In case you were curious.

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