Just thought I’d follow up

In the interest of not waiting until the last minute–and because I still really want the job with Company Z and will need some kind of full-time employment when we eventually touch down in DC–tonight I did everything in my power to follow up with the Company Z HR woman.

The organization is international with two main offices, one in DC and one on the other coast. Departments and emails aren’t listed on the site; neither are phone numbers or a staff directory. Since my last email, sent Sept. 27, went unanswered, I followed some lengthy links, registered on some portal website, and sent a “wondering if I can send you any more information or writing samples!” email into the abyss.

One of the multiple tabs I could choose from at the top this most Through-the-Looking-Glass website was “Application status.” Clicking it, I found that my application for Assistant Editor is “In Progress” since 9/4/11. Holy cow, people! I hope you don’t pay your employees the way you interview them! And yet I am most willing to find out. Please hire me.

Second day back at work was fine and would have been actually good if I hadn’t left my trusty bottle of Tylenol on the counter at home. <weeps>


One thought on “Just thought I’d follow up

  1. If you do not get the job, you can console yourself with knowing this is the HR department you’d have to deal with. But then, you might be living in DC for a few years before they get to calling you, so don’t give up hope on that.

    Nobody else had Tylenol, either?? Or were you too distraught to think of asking? (These questions may be considered rhetorical.)

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