Staple-free is the way to be!

Today the staples came out! Even though a nurse removed them, Dr. J was in the building and stopped in to say hi and see how things looked. Yet again the husband and I were impressed with the service and care at our hospital. If Martha ever requires surgery again, I would seriously consider coming back here to have it done.

We were curious about how they would remove the staples. The husband came to the appointment just in case it was traumatic–it wasn’t. The nurse brought a surgical staple remover that looked like scissors and a minute later, I was staple free. We asked the nurse practitioner, who also stopped in to check on my progress, if it was going to hurt. In her words: “Well, it’s not a massage.”

And it wasn’t, but it also wasn’t painful. The nurse apologized for pulling some of my hairs, but I wouldn’t have known she was unless she said so. Pull pull pull pull pull pull and here I am: Staple-free, the way to be.

In other news, the apartment that the husband’s DC coworker checked out seems like a perfect fit. Great neighborhood, available when we are, all that good stuff. Because of all that good stuff, we’re not the only ones interested and time is of the essence in getting our application and application fee to the property people. And hooray, no one questioned “he’s a Lab mix” when the husband mentioned Dietrich.

Dietrich, who today got a letter from Nephew 1, addressed to Dietrich the dog, c/o me. Ha! What Lab mix doesn’t love mail, especially when it’s a craft?



2 thoughts on “Staple-free is the way to be!

  1. Yay for being staple-less! You can always just put pens behind your ear, anyway.

    That third picture looks like Dietrich is contemplating the difficulty of writing back without fingers…or even just one opposable thumb.

  2. All right! Glad to hear the staples are out, and that a home in Washington is in prospect. How exciting for Dietrich to be getting mail! Does he write back?


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