A new plan of action

Me: I have a new idea.
The husband: Ok.
Me: About working in DC.
The husband: Ok.
Me: Ok. Since sending my resume and nice writing samples hasn’t proven to anyone that they need to hire me, the gloves are coming off.
The husband: Yes?
Me: Yes. Now I will use my gifts for evil. I’m going to commence Operation Scathing Editorial against everyone and anyone who wants me to stop will have to hire me. First come, first served.
The husband: You go, baby.

I don’t think the husband actually supports my new plan of action, but I am entertaining the option nevertheless. I also pitched an article to a conservative online commentary site (or news site, sometimes, I guess) and if they don’t get back to me in 10 days, they aren’t interested, says their submissions auto-reply.

What’s funny is that in my daily scan of the available Hill jobs, the press secretary job in Congressman Z’s office is still posted. “Congressman Z seeks a press secretary/communications director…” to which my own auto-reply is “no he doesn’t, that lying &*@#$.”

Tonight is Halloween and although we have no children to dress up, we do have an even-tempered dog with a well-developed sense of obligation toward his parents. May I introduce good professor Dietrich? This is what happens when nerds get married and have a dog:


2 thoughts on “A new plan of action

  1. Okay, no matter what kind of mix he is, showing people these pictures would convince them of his amiability. (Keep that in mind in case of future apartment snags.) The top book on his stack in the foreground is an especially nice touch.

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