3 years today!

Today the husband and I celebrate our three-year anniversary. Please see below for one reason why:

Me: Want to pour the champagne?
The husband: I have to finish the dishes first.

Having had our fancy dinner out the other week with my parents and the other middle, the husband and I ate dinner in (he cooked and it was ready when I got home…bliss!) and went to see The Ides of March.

The movie was fine but the real entertainment was in our own row. About ten minutes into the movie itself, Mr. Clean and his wife sauntered in and with a great creaking of leather and jangling of boots, settled themselves two seats away from us in the near-empty theatre. For the entire 1 hr and 42 minutes of the movie, Mr. Clean munched away on movie theatre hot dogs, nachos, soda, and popcorn, each bite requiring his arm to bend and each bend of the arm eliciting a distracting creeeeaaaak from his Harley jacket.

His infrequent but audible comments about the movie were topped off when, during the climax scene of this somewhat anti-climactic political drama, he slapped his knee and exclaimed, “I knew it!”

(The other 11 of us in the audience knew it, too, but no one else felt called to advertise.)

So it was not a dull night. When the husband and I walked to our car, my eye was drawn to the electric car charging stations installed next to where our runs-on-gas Toyota was parked. But the LED displays that perkily outshone the sun the parking lot lights towering over them lost my attention when I realized that where there used to be bright blue handicapped icons painted on the pavement, now there was nothing.

Rather, there were the outlines of two formerly bright blue handicapped icons, now painted black to blend with the asphalt. The blue lines that used to require a permit to park between them are now white. Two front-and-center spaces that used to be reserved for handicapped movie goers are now set aside for the I-bought-my-job-from-Obama-and-my-car-from-Amazon drivers of compact, alternative energy vehicles.


And yes, both spots were empty.

In other news, I had a moment of pure masochism today and followed up with Company Z’s recruiter. To my everlasting surprise, I got this response within ten minutes:

Hi ___,
My sincere apologies, I did not realize the team had not gotten back to you yet. I’ll follow up today.
Best regards,
Company Z

Now, whether her following up means I’ll get a yes or no from them this year remains to be seen. But I was floored to get any kind of response, and it shut me up for the rest of the day. Almost.

Then I got a “no thanks, good luck with your job search” response from Another Government Agency I had applied to work for. This time they gave no explanation for why they chose not to interview me, but I don’t really care, I’m just glad to have one more case closed.

And then I got to thinking that this administration keeps telling us what a great job it’s doing creating jobs. (For the record, I would never ask the government to create a job for me, but since they say they are offering…) And so far I don’t have a job, despite actively seeking. So either the government is lying to me, or the government isn’t doing its job in creating a job for me me me.

So I’m firing the government. You heard me. I’M FIRING THE GOVERNMENT.


3 thoughts on “3 years today!

  1. I have not seen these electric car power-up stanchions… you mention they are lit with LEDs. Certainly a green choice. But how do they provide power to the cars? A solar cell atop each one transfers its energy to the little auto? A mini windmill generates renewable, clean, green energy that is somehow transferred to the box and thence to the car? (We wouldn’t want the windmill too far away or we’d have to use all sorts of fossil fuel to power the earthmovers to regrade the lot to install the cable.) Surely they are not literally electric, drawing power from the grid, power possibly generated using nuclear or even (hack, gasp) coal… right?

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