In the last 48 hours…

  • the Alexandria apartment we loved was rented to someone else
  • three other properties, two in Alexandria and with even better walk scores, responded to my inquiries and all would “love a Lab mix!”
  • the husband’s raise kicked in and our moving fund is almost at our goal
  • a financial firm I was interested in editing for pre-Martha emailed to ask if I’m still interested in taking the editorial test
    – and then sent me the editorial test and said “we trust you to take only the hour we allow for this test, send it back when you’re done”
  • Company Z followed up
    – and “would love to speak with” me about an editorial position they just created
    – so we’ll do that tomorrow afternoon
  • I got an iPhone
    – and had to ask a friend at work how to set it on vibrate only
  • and I realized how badly I need a haircut

6 thoughts on “In the last 48 hours…

  1. Hey, I know this newbie haircutter who works near here… she’s pretty good at taking two years’ growth off, and if you hit the salon at the right time, her dad will pop in with Starbucks for you both while he waits for his turn in the chair.

  2. Well, I’m sorry the first place was rented to someone else, but I hope the other options come through – and it’s exciting to hear of some progress on the job front! Keep us posted.

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