As of today, the husband and I are tenants of a lovely basement apartment in Arlington, VA. No, we haven’t actually moved, but now we have a place to land when we do.

The situation and place couldn’t be better and couldn’t have come together more smoothly (oh we of little faith!). I found the place on craigslist on Saturday night and emailed the landlady with our interest. She got back to us in an hour and I carried on an email conversation with her.

Me: And look where it is, right by a metro stop.
The husband: Hmmmm, which one?
Me: I don’t know, but one of them! The bars on the windows are a little weird, but at least there are bars on the windows. I guess the place needs them.
The husband: Yeah, your dad would love that. Which metro stop is it?
Me: Eastern Market.
The husband: <reads email from lady> Baby, you and this lady are talking about two different apartments.
Me: Whaaaaaat.
The husband: You’re talking about the Eastern Market apartment, and this is the lady from Arlington.
Me: Ohhhhh crap. What did I say to her? Now she won’t rent to us because I sound like a clueless moron!

Turns out nothing I had said made me look like a clueless moron and she was none the wiser when the husband spoke up. 48 hours later, our names are on a lease and I can change the address on my resume to Arlington, VA.

Our move date is now the last week of November. We will do Thanksgiving with my parents and two of the three sisters, come back here to pack up, and hit the road before 12/1.

Now to give our intent to vacate letter to our landlords. <weeps> And after tomorrow’s election, I will talk to my boss. <weeps> And next week I’ll go to my last book club meeting with the world’s best book club. <weeps> And then we’ll start packing a home we just finished unpacking last month. <weeps>

In other news, Company Z called me today to set up a Skype interview this week. An amazing friend from work has agreed to show me how to use Skype (what? some of us are late adopters) and then set me up with her laptop at her kitchen table during lunch this week. I offered Wednesday or Thursday to Company Z, mostly because I don’t want to wait until Friday and Tuesday, being election day, is no good in my line of work.

After dinner the husband gave me a quick online tour of our new neighborhood and the DC metro map. Our new location couldn’t be better, for real. We are a few blocks from stops on two different metro lines, and the husband is just five stops from work.

Me: Ok, how close are we to Georgetown? And by Georgetown, I mean Georgetown Cupcake.
The husband: We’re here, and Georgetown is here. <zooms out slightly> And then Alexandria is just down here.
Me: Oooo, how close are we to Hooray for Books, on King Street?
The husband: <types in destination> 4.1 miles. So not bad at all.
Me: 4.1 miles and it’s an hour and 12 minutes to get there?!?! That is absurd! I get that the traffic is bad but that is absolutely pathetic!
The husband: Baby. That’s an hour and 12 minutes by walking.
Me: Ohhhh.

Next up: More applying for me. A garage sale (seriously, email me if you need anything; we probably have it and are willing to part with it for a small fee). Moving truck research for the husband.

It’s amazing how little we notice Daylight Savings when we’re kids, but now at the ripe old age of 26, this crap catches up. The husband is out watching a football game and I’m at home blogging and looking for work. Until now, that is, when I just decided that leasing an apartment 700 miles away is enough work for one day and I’m going to bed. If I’m unemployed a month from now, I will briefly blame Ben Franklin.


7 thoughts on “Rented!

  1. Oh, and PSA about Georgetown Cupcake: If you call in your order ahead of time, you can skip the (ridiculously long) line and just head to the front to pick it up.

  2. I’m moving soon for the first time in 10 years and so I weep with you on the packing as well on the last book club meeting bit, which was already sad. But I’m glad you got an apartment you like and have some plans now. (And last Tuesday this would have been 6:00 AM.)

  3. “It’s amazing how little we notice Daylight Savings when we’re kids”… Hm. Yeah, your nephews didn’t notice it to the point of getting up when the clock started with a 5 Saturday instead of their usual 7(:02) “wize and shine! [parents’ door bangs open courtesy of sleeper-clad person as tall as the doorknob… if on tiptoes]

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