So not hired

The other company in addition to Company Z that contacted me last week to take an editorial test got back to me today with bad news. I thought this would have been a great job and a great company to be a part of, but they find that I am not a good fit:

Dear _____,

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the copy editing test you recently completed for us.

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to coordinate the test and free up your schedule for an hour to be able to take it. Your interest in the copy editing role specifically and in The Other Company in general is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the test result was not quite at the level that we require for candidates to move on to the next step in our interview process.

Please don’t feel too bad about not passing the test. The percentage of applicants that pass the test is infinitesimal. Something around 2% at last count.

I know you are probably curious as to what exactly you missed on the test, and would also probably like to receive some feedback on the specific errors in the hopes of self improvement as an editor. However, unfortunately due to the huge volume of candidates that take our copy editing test and do not pass it, we are simply unable to provide specific feedback.

We will certainly keep your application on file in case the right opportunity presents itself down the road.

You can follow up in 6 months if you would like to give the copy editor test another attempt.

Thanks again for your interest.

Kind Regards,
The Other Company

And so, in order to exercise my underdeveloped editorial muscles, I will now summarize the email in 50 words or less:

Dear Moron,
We appreciate that you thought you’d be good enough to work for us but think again. You aren’t good enough for us and we’re too busy to tell you why. Don’t feel bad about yourself–lots of people suck as bad as you do!
Regards, Stupid.

Boom. Word count: 50. How’s that for editorial prowess? An editor can say in five words what a writer says in ten. And an unemployed editor can insist in 50 words or less that you kiss her virtual butt via her blog (word count: 7) when you send an email that dumb and unhelpful.


4 thoughts on “So not hired

  1. “Please don’t feel too bad about not passing the test. The percentage of applicants that pass the test is infinitesimal. Something around 2% at last count.”

    Condescending much?

    • Did you talk to them about the grammar in their rejection note? Percentage/is is correct, but applicants/that ought to be applicants/WHO. I wonder who edits their form correspondence…

  2. Hey, take heart! They said they’ll keep your app on file in case they need you for something else! One wonders what sort of job *that* might end up being, though… (And at least they didn’t leave you hanging. Cut you off with nothing, more like, but still.)

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