Yard sale

Yesterday I hosted a 5-hour yard sale to lighten our moving load and raise funds to pay for a moving truck to go across two turnpikes. <insert angry eyes>

Because I hadn’t planned ahead and Friday was Veterans Day (thank you for your work, sacrifice, and bravery, veterans!) and the banks were closed and then they don’t open around here until 9 am on Saturdays, my wonderful husband came running up the driveway at 9:05 on Saturday morning, carrying $100 in singles and quarters.

The husband: Any customers yet?
Me: No, thank goodness. I put 9 am on the signs when I made them this morning. Only Facebook and the church email say 8 am, so anyone who came before I had change was likely to be a familiar face.
The husband: So. You think you’ll get a lot of customers? It is November. People aren’t really looking for garage sales.
Me: How long have you lived in this town? These people are always looking for garage sales.
The husband: <looks at ground>
Me: You don’t think I’m going to sell anything!
The husband: Well.
Me: Poo poo. Someone from church already emailed to take the dehumidifier, so there. I made $20.

With everything we were selling, poor Dietrich assumed he was included.

In the end I/we made more than $20 and the amount left to donate is portable in our car alone. Plus, according to my research, we have enough for a moving van to take all the toll roads and we can still afford to stop for coffee. Success!

The landlords have had almost a dozen applicants contact them to see our apartment since they posted it…on Friday. The landlady decided tonight that she has enough candidates to choose from and won’t show it again. We took Dietrich and one of her dogs to the dog park today while a few more interested parties toured our little home.

Sharing a cab.

The husband and I spent the entire weekend cleaning out and hanging out. Overlapping and impromptu visits from out-of-town friends on Friday night were the highlight of the week and the entire reason the husband and I didn’t get around to clearing out our closet until midnight and I was making signs for the yard sale the morning of. What I will miss when we move are not the things that found new homes on Saturday, but the friends and Friday nights like we had this week.

Oh, and I will also miss the grocery store that is open 24 hours a day so that I can buy poster board for the yard sale signs at 6:30 a.m. the morning of said sale. See Para. 2 about planning ahead.


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