Starting to leave

Last night the husband and I went out with the landlords. We ate too much, laughed too loud, and stayed up too late having a blast. They want us to come back one day and buy from them the big house that we currently live behind. It’s something we would consider way far down the road.

Bye, cute little house we love living in.

The boss and I sat down yesterday and worked out what December will look like for my job. I’ll be on vacation the week after Thanksgiving so we can move, and then I’ll come back for the important days over the next two weeks. I’ll continue to work from DC for the rest of the year and if I don’t have a job by the last week of next month, the boss and I will talk again about extending our arrangement. This set up is mutually beneficial (her words, not even mine) and I’m really thankful it’s working out this way.

Alas, on Saturday I sold my five CD stereo and yesterday I realized that it had my Jimmy Buffett collection still inside. SIGH. Guess I should listen to my own refrain: “It’s just less to pack.”

Who knew this little place was a duplex?


One thought on “Starting to leave

  1. A duplex…that’s great. 🙂

    I hope the people who bought the CD stereo like Jimmy Buffett. It would be nice to think that your prized possessions were the cause for “Score!” and not “What kind of junk did this person listen to?”

    Your boss should work out that important days fall on book club days. It could happen.

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