Dinner and a movie

On Wednesday night the county GOP hosted their annual Lincoln Day dinner with Secretary Condoleezza Rice as the guest speaker. The husband’s boss, Congressman X, sponsored two tables and we were at one of them. The event was great and extremely well attended. A handful of my own representatives were there and the ones who didn’t know before that we’re moving away know now.

Chatting for some time with my favorite representative and ignoring the little chimes the wait staff was dinging to get people to take their seats, the husband and I were some of the last ones standing in a room of 800 when the program began. This would have been far less embarrassing if we a) knew where our table was and b) realized before we were the only ones standing that table 21 was front and center and we had to make our way there from the neighborhood of table 79, in the back corner. Oops.

Last Thursday, now more than a week ago, I had a Skype interview with Company Z. An amazing friend and coworker who is far more technologically savvy than I (not hard to be) set me up with my own Skype account and her laptop at a coffee shop around the corner from work. She sat nearby in case of technical difficulties (which we did have) but with headphones on to give me privacy so although anyone getting coffee between 11 and noon that day knows my greatest professional accomplishments and struggles and what I’m looking forward to in my next job, KT does not. What a friend.

Me: I emailed the guy who would be my boss at Company Z and thanked him and his team for Skyping with me today.
The husband: Good move. Did he write back?
Me: Yes, he said they’ll be interviewing through Thanksgiving and get back to me shortly thereafter.
The husband: That’s great news!
Me: Not really. I have been on their radar since early September. I have done a creative cover letter, resume, writing test, editing test, two phone interviews with a recruiter and a Skype interview with a team of five people. If they don’t know by now if they want me, they don’t want me.
The husband: Way to be positive.
Me: The benefit to being a pessimist in this case is that I can only be pleasantly surprised from here.

Yesterday the fire alarm went off at work and we all assumed it was a drill, getting our coats, purses and coffees and wandering down the stairs to huddle next to the building outside. Turns out it wasn’t a drill, but that there was a bomb threat to city hall, which is attached to our building. We were evacuated to the Capitol where we played euchre in the Speaker’s office until given the all-clear.

Last night was the Christmas kick-off event in the capital city. (I think they know it’s Thanksgiving that happens next week…) I stuck around for the festivities and had a great time with my friends, all of whom I am going to miss more than I care to think about. So we took a family picture.

{Work} family photo. Olan Mills style, baby.

On Tuesday the husband and I picked up the last Harry Potter DVD, newly released, and still haven’t finished it. Only so many hours in the day and time is flying.

Days until takeoff: 11.


2 thoughts on “Dinner and a movie

  1. Love the photo. You should print one to thumbtack to the wall in your new nest, where you would put a bulletin/memo board if there were room. Above the desk you will buy once you get there. 🙂

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