Excuse me, is my opinion showing?

Today I read a horribly written guest editorial that had been, unfortunately, submitted with a congressman’s name attached. Considering what I do for a living, I know for a fact that the lawmaker didn’t write the piece himself; an even greater pity for the crummy work that was attributed to him.

I tried to comment online but my comments wouldn’t post. Kiss it, world, I have a blog! Hereafter, my opinion.

Congressman, you need a new press secretary and you need one soon. 

The editorial How the federal government can be more honest about its budget is a disservice to you and your office. Those serving in Congress are human like the rest of us but your office provides you with countless resources to produce work–including guest editorials–that is a cut above. To send anything but a seamless opinion column to the largest paper in your district suggests that you don’t care or you don’t know better. Either is an offense to your office and your residents.

This particular piece is of such poor quality that I struggled to read it, and as a professional communicator, there is very little I struggle to read. You can’t begin a list with “First…” and then never provide second and third. You can’t approves and adopts and then prevent and prohibit. You can’t proudly state “the House and I” at the beginning and conclude by hiding behind “it is all of our responsibility to call on the federal government…” Congressman, you ARE the federal government and are as much to blame as any of your colleagues for things that do not get done in Washington.

Like you in this column, I say enough is enough. Either respect your office and your readers sufficiently to take advantage of the tools around you and produce excellent work, or limit yourself to Facebook, where the standards are lower. I have only ever seen sub-par pieces from your office and your position requires significantly more.

Again, you need a new press secretary. One who can string two thoughts together without the crutch of an em dash or misused quotation marks. One bad editorial is a shame. Two is a bad press secretary.



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