One box at a time

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with my side of the family and three days of dog camp for Dietrich, we’re all home in the carriage house to pack up, one box at a time. Actually, the husband and I are packing while the dog is snoring loud enough to wake himself up at regular intervals.

After breakfast with friends this morning, the husband pulled out of our garage storage room all the boxes and sports equipment and maybe-we’ll-need-that-when-we-have-a-house items and piled them in the garage. We spent a few hours sorting donations from trash and recycling from things we’ll keep and we’re both amazed at the amount of stuff we felt we needed to keep when we moved in here. The final keep pile is a fraction of the original pile, and I was pleased to find all the guest bedding I knew we had stored in a Rubbermaid tub somewhere.

Can I keep this? Ok, thanks. It can ride in the back seat with me.

About a year ago a friend said in response to my lament that I had to get rid of a sweater I loved, “But there are so many other great sweaters in the world, and now you can have one of those instead. There’s always going to be something else out there that you love just as much.” Not only has that bit of wisdom been the inspiration for me to whittle down my wardrobe since then, but it’s easily our motto for clearing out and packing up.

We have a smaller space to go to, and more than we need. Yes, we are donating or selling some items that have been useful to us and that at least one of us likes very much–but these things are all replaceable. Like the oldest sister said to me once, “Getting rid of the thing doesn’t get rid of the thought behind it.” Plus, who doesn’t like an upgrade now and then?

Tomorrow will be our last Sunday at our church. We have had friends leave church before, but have never been those people ourselves. It feels like something grown ups do.

The husband and I are almost certain that the 10′ truck we reserved will be big enough for what we have to take with us. When we moved in here, we used a 14′ truck and had a bit of room to spare. Our load this time is much lighter, although I just realized that for that move we had two of our own cars and my parents’ car, and have added a dog since then, which costs us a whole back seat…well, looks like the keep pile is about to get even smaller.

Days until takeoff: 4.


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