Travel: complete. Journey: beginning.

On Tuesday night, the husband and I packed the Budget truck, dropped our keys off with the coolest landlords ever, and got a call from the other middle, offering us overnight accommodations as the first winter storm of the season pounded the exact route to the parents’ house.

After a day’s delay and white-knuckled driving across semi-cleared highways, we gassed up on donuts (thanks to the baby sis) at the parents’ house and hit the road for real. An uneventful trip, and I’m quite proud that I drove the entire way. That’s a heck of a drive with no cruise control, and we were blessed with clear and dry conditions the entire way. Dietrich was a champ and I am thankful that he enjoys 10 hour drives as much as he enjoys 10 minute drives.

The route took us along the Potomac at midnight and the scenery–a vast city with the Washington Monument and Capitol Building lit up and visible from our stretch of road–was strangely calming.

We found our new little place with no problem, parked in the quiet street, unloaded the dog and our overnight bags, and set up camp on the floor. Not the most restful of nights by any means, but for a new home that we rented sight unseen and drove a full day to get to, it wasn’t bad.

Things that are larger than our new apartment:

  • A Volvo
  • Harry Potter’s cupboard
  • Dietrich’s crate at dog camp
  • Dietrich
  • Bob Ross’s hair

If you take one of those little Ikea displays, add a large dog, reload half your pared-down worldly possessions back into the moving truck to be donated, and then halve the space left over, it’s a good picture of what we’re working with. Cozy? An understatement. Tiny? An overstatement. Itty-bitty and pretty much perfect? Exactly.

I took this photo standing on a step stool. At that height, this is eye level, in our bedroom. The ivy outside acts as a lovely light filter, giving the room a cheerful, clean glow and plenty of privacy. The ivy inside acts as comic relief.

Ooooo a window garden.


2 thoughts on “Travel: complete. Journey: beginning.

  1. Nephew 1 saw the ivy and was very concerned it might be the poison variety. I assured him it was not. He said, “Oh, good, I wouldn’t want them to get itchy and have to go to the doctor. Tell them, ‘Make sure Dietrich has a wonderful time at the new apartment!'” Consider yourselves told. 😀

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