Though our residency in Arlington is less than a week old, there are some observations I have made that I think will help in understanding and adjusting to the area long-term.

It is December 3, sunny, and 50 degrees. This is typical.
The first frost has not yet come to metro DC.
I don’t think anyone calls it metro DC. Must adjust this habit.

Alexandria Times
The free newspaper distributed at little breakfast joints in Alexandria.
A freelance possibility.
I suspect English is not the editor’s first language.

Exactly as terrifying as everyone says.
Who would like to purchase a red Toyota?

The husband’s favorite joint is not mine.
Place smelled like burnt toast and coffee tasted like rubbing alcohol.
Must find go-to coffee place to take guests.

Please call in advance of your visit if you will need accommodations.
Accommodating guests will require a total rearrangement of all furniture.
Note: All furniture means a chair, an ottoman, and the table.
There are two possible ways to arrange said furniture.

The hobbit hole
Known to our landlady as the basement apartment.
Contains wood floors; i.e., skating rink for large dog who sleeps on a yoga mat temporarily.
Soon to be carpeted with Ikea rugs.

Tonight’s date.

Sells food and everything else we will need and can afford.
“Close” to home…see Traffic, above.
Located in shopping center with other stores I recognize.
Left rejoicing.

Crystal City Shops
Glad they are underground so I don’t have to see them.

This afternoon I’m going to a church event with some of the husband’s DC coworkers. It was nice to be invited some weeks back and it’s weird that Saturday the 3rd is here. One of the girls will pick me up at the hobbit hole and I plan to sit in the backseat with my eyes closed.

The husband will pick me up at the church and we’ll go to Ikea from there. First we need to take inventory of exactly what we need and in what sizes. Approximate dimensions of the hobbit hole: small by wee.

The parents left for home an hour ago. The husband and I are the first kids to move away and I think that the moving away will prove harder than the living away.

If I lay just so, I can still smell the English muffins everyone had for breakfast...


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