Ode to Ikea

Oh, Ikea.

You are an assembly required wonderland, a veritable nirvana of space-saving, dual-purpose home furnishings and practical do-dads. Your show rooms are genius. Your ability to assemble entire homes within a commercial warehouse is inimitable. Your prolific use of slide-out cupboards and magnetic things that hang on the wall to preserve valuable counter space is matchless.

We seek ways to stack things higher and in your self-service area we find them. We want an affordable way to keep the dog from sliding across the floor, and your rug department delivers. We need a dish washing brush and for .99 cents, you reveal to us a cute red one that stands upright in our shallow sink, thanks to the magic of a suction cup bottom.

Without you we would have no book shelf that doubles as a closet. We would have no wine rack that stands on the stairs, making a better use of our limited space. We would have no unfinished pine desk top that fits perfectly into one of our few corners and fills our wee home with the delicious smell of coniferous tree.

Oh, Ikea. Were you not so close, our things would live in boxes on the floor and the dog would never stand up.

Ikea, we love you.


One thought on “Ode to Ikea

  1. We have that EXACT same scrub brush! It is both awesome and dangerous that Ikea is twenty minutes from our house, five from my place of work. I was pondering the other day actually, and there are Ikea items in literally every room of our house.

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