It’s like a diorama

Yesterday I worked from home, cleaned, did laundry, washed dishes, and decorated for Christmas. The trick to decorating for Christmas in this little shoebox was finding enough room to set out the basic decorations.

With all six festive baubles in their only feasible places, I was pleased with the cheery air the place took on and realized that yes, we are in fact living in a diorama. But now it’s a Christmas diorama. So ho ho ho.

Yesterday was also the first day of the rest of my days at the state House. I am thankful to be able to work from home for the rest of the year, but it’s sad to know that someone else will take over a job I love with representatives I (mostly) love and do it his or her own way. My way is better. There! I said it!

Last week I was in my beloved natal state for my final on-site week at work. The friend who hosted me not only provided shampoo and a blow dryer so I didn’t have to pack those things (bless you, my friend) but also made dinners and bought me the Greek yogurt she has seen me eat for lunches. Then she got up at the crack of dawn to drive me to the airport to come back here. I’m sure eventually I’ll make friends out here but I’m also sure they won’t be friends like that.

On Wednesday the girlfriends from work all got together for craft night. Some weeks ago we got an email invitation to a holiday breakfast and the icon on the invitation was a red Christmas ornament with the Republican elephant outlined in Swarovski crystals. We wondered if the ornaments really existed and found that they do, and are available online for the low low price of A Lot. So we made our own!

Beginning stages.

Intermediate stages.

We were all somewhat concerned with my ability to get two extremely breakable and curious little ornaments through airport security, so one of the girlfriends kindly took my ornaments home and will mail them to me in short order.

On my last day, the Speaker of the House and all of my representatives honored me on the House floor with a tribute and some extremely kind words. The boss gave me a heads-up so I wouldn’t cry, but I still had to hold a stack of press releases as a security blanket. These press releases can be seen in the official photos but I’m not sure if I can post those yet, I must check with the boss on that one.

In this picture I’m not holding my security blanket, I’m just holding the tribute–or, as one friend called it, ‘your new official state resume’–and standing at the back of the chamber. I have decided to make copies of the tribute and send it out to potential employers in lieu of a regular resume and cover letter.

I’m approved by the state, people, THAT’S why you should hire me!

Signed, sealed, and sent to the commonwealth of Virginia for approval.


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