Sunday stroll

Just a man and his dog.

This afternoon we went for a family stroll around the National Mall. 42 degrees, mostly blue skies, and a ten minute drive meant the monuments and the myriad gray squirrels on the Mall were ours for the taking in and terrorizing, respectively.

The ducks that paddled merrily about in one of the pools were also fair game. Pun intended.

.004 seconds later his front half was in the water and it was a good thing the camera strap was around my neck.

I think we’ll eventually get pretty good at picking out the locals from the tourists. Right now we’re trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we’re the former, although I have pulled the “we’re new here” card to get out of the rare potentially awkward or offensive situation. Like last night when I asked the girl at Alexandria Cupcake if they are affiliated with Georgetown Cupcake*. I gathered from the look on her face that this question was tantamount to asking Princess Diana if she knew a Mrs. Parker Bowles.

Some of us are perfectly at ease here. If the husband and I got that comfortable on the National Mall, we'd be arrested.

After dropping the dog at home, the husband and I did our grocery shopping for the week. Well, for most of the week. There isn’t room in the shoebox for a full week’s worth of produce or keep-cool food, so we shop for about four days at a time, planning carefully so that what’s left at the end of those four days can be quickly used in the first one or two meals of the next four days.

One thing I have always wanted to get good at is buying only the food we will eat and wasting nothing. The shoebox is an excellent accountability partner for this.

* Not. They are not affiliated. Most definitely not affiliated. “We’re new here.”


One thought on “Sunday stroll

  1. I am beginning to live in apprehension that one of these days your blog posts will stop because “DC” and some form of the word “terrorism” have appeared in the same post too many times.

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