Part of the Christmas atmosphere in the shoebox can be attributed to our deliciously scented candle selection. When I set out two votives in tea light holders, I did so assuming the small glass containers would be sufficient for containing any overflow.

I forgot what waxy little bastards those things are.

Within an hour of lighting the buggers and without me or the husband noticing, the wax had poured over the sides of the small holders and dribbled through the mesh shelf they were sitting on. With twenty-four inches between the candles and the floor, there was plenty of room for splatter.

By the time I realized the candles were almost gone and had spread their liquid atmosphere all over, the following items were wearing spice-scented wax:

  • two shelves of our new book shelf
  • my hardcover Harry Potters
  • a hand-made picture frame
  • a pitcher
  • the wood floor

Me: Ahh!!
The husband: What happened?
The husband: Uh oh.
Me: Ahh!!
The husband: It will come off, right?
Me: I hope so. Wahhh. It looks like the candles puked.
The husband: When it cools we can scrape it right off of everything, I bet.
Me: I can’t win. Now my Harry Potters are 3-D.


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