Merry Christmas!

And may all your holidays be waterproof, like mine will be, now that the husband gave me Hunter rain boots for Christmas!

The box was on the table with a big ribbon around it. And pretty soon the boots were on my feet, for a test run (ha!) around the shoebox. A practical and quality gift, my favorite kind. The cranberry color makes it a very merry Christmas indeed.

Even HRH the Queen wears these! Maybe in a different color.

Now the husband and I are off to the farm with Dietrich, who is currently chewing away on his Christmas gift from my parents (it’s a chew toy, no problems there). This will be the first time we are at the farm with the husband’s family on Christmas Day and we are both looking forward to it.

I kind of hope it rains. 🙂

As they say in the movies, “Happy Christmas, Harry!”


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • LOL. I recommend the coir doormats sold by Ikea for making your boots welcome indoors again once you return to the shoebox. We have one at each entrance. 😀

  1. Don’t wear those around the barnyard, eh? A few small, would-be sheep farmers would caution you about the reason *they* always wear their rain boots to our “barnyard.”

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