I’m method acting here, give me a day or two

Day 2. Food supplies are running low. Dog is restless. Sickness arrived yesterday. Snow in the evening. It’s cold. So. Cold.

The husband: Can you turn on the space heater?
Me: No, that ruins the scene I’m setting. I’m method acting here.
The husband: Aren’t you being a little dramatic?
Me: Pipe down and make a grocery list so I can go to the store.
The husband: Won’t that ruin the scene you’re setting?

Ho hum. Everything I said was true. So what if the low food supplies were replenished by going to the store, a run around the park helped the dog, and the sickness was a computer virus that the husband fixed when he got home thanks to a saved conversation with the other middle’s husband a few weeks ago? But it really did snow and it is cold in here, here being underground.

Approximate size of each flake.

The snow was lovely and thick and quiet, fat flakes falling straight down and piling up on the naked branches across the neighborhood. While the boys ran circles in the wide open park, my boots and I watched the snow fall in the beams of the flood lights that lit up the sugar-coated soccer field.

Then we came home, had crock pot chicken for dinner and drank the champagne our landlady had given us for Christmas. We’re fancy like that. And today the snow is gone. I can get used to this.

I can also get used to a new hairstyle! <pumps fist in air> Not because I have found a salon around here, but because <cue trumpet> my bangs are finally long enough to tuck behind my ear! I do not expect male readership to appreciate this milestone.

For most of my life, my hair was super curly, half S-curls and half ringlets. Then a few years ago, with no explanation, it started to straighten out. Now it’s different every day, and sometimes a little bit of everything. Tucking my bangs behind my ear opens a world of hair options and is a small victory for the home team. Or stay-at-home team, I guess.

A visual journey follows.

What my hair used to look like, on good days.
What I wish my hair looked like now. So glossy. So smooth.
What my hair could look like if the little sister did it.
What my hair looks like when I do it.

Maybe it’s not as bad as all that, but the growing-out bangs are a great step. And maybe I will start to use method acting as an excuse for things. I feel like the possibilities are endless.


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