An unrelated victory, also, I’m an American and prefer to do my own black bars

Dietrich waited on the edge of my seat as they announced the Golden Globe winners on Sunday night.

In October I took Dietrich to the vet for his annual shots and all that good stuff. I didn’t realize, having never taken a dog to the vet for shots, that the body part of choice for vaccinations is one of the front legs, and between the shoulder blades will work for back up if necessary.

Dietrich came to us not liking his front paws handled and until October, that really wasn’t a problem. It turns out he also doesn’t like being poked in the back with a syringe.

I’m ashamed to say that I let the vet take Dietrich to The Back Room for his shots and am pleased to say the pup forgave me the second he was back in the exam room, wiggling his 85 lbs. into the safe haven of my lap. I was sitting on a chair.

In short, the vet told me that Dietrich is spoiled and to bring his dad next time he needs shots. Ahem. Well yes, of course he’s spoiled, he’s an only dog and cute as a darn button and have you felt those soft-as-a-lamb ears he’s sporting??

But I took to heart what she was saying because Dietrich is a big dog to act spoiled and touchy about his paws and I have been working with him ever since.

Three months, a few bags of treats, lots of patience and praise, and a chomp on my arm which HE then cried about, and this week when we came inside from a muddy walk, for the first time everDietrich lifted his front paws (not at the same time!) to be wiped!

I was so proud of him that I gave him extra treats and promised to take him to Disney World.

This victory, really unrelated to much, makes me confident I can write a book. Daily effort, patience, and starting from nothing to eventually produce exactly the result I’m going for? Having a dog and writing a book can’t really be that different.

In other news, I, like many Americans who have a certain veneration for thinking for ourselves and making our own decisions, am opposing the SOPA/PIPA legislation currently under consideration by our Congress. Why? Because in an attempt to stop online piracy (good), the government is about to overstep its bounds and restrict the rights of private citizens to share and access information across the interwebs (so so so bad).

Please see this page for information, and then click on the Wiki home icon and you’ll see our point.

Want to contact your representative about this? Look up your lawmaker here, if you don’t already know who it is:

Bloggers unite! Doing our own black bars is our right!


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