The husband’s birthday

Happy birthday, handsome!

Today is the husband’s birthday. One of his coworkers made Snickers cupcakes for a birthday treat, which is great because I definitely dropped the ball on the birthday baked goods thing and now I don’t feel so bad. The cake we brought home from our weekend at the farm also helps. I found some candles to add to our pieces.

This weekend we left Dietrich at home and he had a dog sitter check on him a few times a day. According to the note she left on top of the dishes she washed (I would have been a lot more embarrassed if I wasn’t so grateful), everything went well and based on the big guy’s sound sleep, those must have been quite the walks she took him on.

Last week, during my posting drought, the husband and I went to the cosmetology school I found nearby to get our hair cuts. They did an excellent job and were totally affordable and great but I think mentioning to my student that my sister is a stylist put her on edge. Now, I have a pretty straightforward haircut and I’m growing out any layers I had, so each haircut should, in theory, be even simpler than the one before it. I’m also keeping my bangs long so a little trim is all I needed.

So, to mention that the little sister is a stylist could have sounded like I would compare this girl’s work to the little sister’s and thus accounted for the 90-minute haircut I enjoyed. I was just trying to make conversation.

Interestingly, the only parking garage that was open cost us more to park for the two hours we were in there than it cost for the husband’s haircut. And tip.


8 thoughts on “The husband’s birthday

  1. Next time you could say, “My sister was in cosmetology school, too!”

    She still gives 90-minute haircuts, btw. I’m not speculating whether the volume of cut material she produced at my last cut had anything to do with that time, although I will say we both went through drinks she brought (orange juice) and drinks the dad brought (Starbucks) before she was done.

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