What’s another interview?

A Certain Organization had me in for an in-person interview earlier this week and it went well. My biggest concern was the transfer between two lines on the Metro, but once I aced that part, I figured I had done the rest of it before and this wouldn’t be anything new.

I was right. I really like A Certain Organization and I know they like me too, it’s just a matter of whether they like me the best. It was a two-hour block of time during which I met with four different team members and answered some of the same questions and a variety of unique ones. The VP of the department complimented the writing samples I sent, saying they were very good, and she doesn’t always get good writing samples so it was a nice change to read actual solid writing. I was pleased and thanked her politely.

Pre-interview nerves were sufficient to make me skip lunch and the bagel shop that was in the same building had a choir of angels and a heavenly light shining upon it when I left A Certain Organization over two hours later. Asiago with plain cream cheese, bless you.


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