Small home, big dog

Good things come in small ovens.

Today the gray sky and drizzling rain had an energizing effect on me and I accomplished many things our small space needed. The greatest of these was candles.

We have a small home and a large dog, relative to our living space. Over the weekend the husband took Dietrich for a bath at a DIY dog bath house (I know, how cute is that??) and brought him home all glossy and smelling of tropical fruits. Even his collar got a scrubbing! When Dietrich plays outside in the yard, which is often, I hang his bed and his blanket over the fence to air out. And yet.

And yet we have a 75 lb. dog living in approximately 300 square feet with two adults who would love to relax of an evening and not smell the unmistakable aroma of pup. And now, thanks to black cherry from Yankee Candle, we can. Three cheers! I’m quite pleased with my purchase, which was made with a coupon, and I think the husband will be, too. If he’s not, that’s what the bowl of Valentine’s Day M&M’s in the middle of the table is for.

Who am I kidding? The M&M’s are for me. I even bought pretzels to go with them for a little salty-sweet combo when the mood strikes. You know it.

In addition to finding the perfect counterscent for Dietrich, I bought groceries, did laundry, thought about sweeping, washed a few loads of dishes (small house, small sink) and baked the lovely caramel-swirl brownie you can peep at the top of this page. The house smells like chocolate cherry deliciousness and one would never know there was a dog afoot unless one saw him camped out on the floor in front of the oven, wishing.


4 thoughts on “Small home, big dog

  1. The finished product looks delicious. I can understand Dietrich showing an intent interest…I’d probably be right there with him. Warm oven, good smells…it’s the best seat in the house! Smart dog…

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