Since when is looking at beautiful things a waste of time?

See? Beauty. (Photo credit:, lifted off Pinterest)

Does anyone else behold the irony in a Facebook status that announces, for all of one’s 857 “friends” to read: “Wasting sooooooo much time on FB today!”? Thank you, and now you have wasted mine, too.

Facebook can easily be a waste of time, especially when the hours on it are spent looking at vacation pictures from people you didn’t like then and certainly wouldn’t talk to now. Studies show that a person can maintain only 150 real relationships at a time, and that when someone’s “friends” reach the four-digit mark, that person tends to suffer from a lack of meaningful relationships in real life. So say the experts.

In my opinion, Facebook had a purpose–to reconnect with old friends and far-away family–but it has lost some of that purpose since kids and grandparents of all ages can join. Now you have to worry about saying “hell” in a status because who knows which young cousin or prim granny will see that and call you out on it? Ugh. Just not something most people need. Thankfully, participation in Facebook is voluntary and free, so we’re all free to leave and pocket the time saved.

On our family walk last night, the husband pointed out that with the advent of the camera phone and the proliferation of social media outlets, people can post any picture at any time and the days of seeing, say, someone’s children at their best–captured in a wallet-sized photo until the next time family portraits or the following year’s 4th of July photo shoot–are gone. Now we are all subjected to Junior with chewed peas on his face, and little Rosie doing, well, nothing. And often in their diapers, nothing more.

Sick, people! Not cute! Not precious! Not adorable to anyone whose genes didn’t directly contribute to lil’ foodface!

Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest’s home page says “Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love.” And that’s what people do.

Gorgeous scenery, adorable cupcakes, beautiful hair and flower arrangements, wedding ideas, baby ideas, room ideas, organizational tricks, crafts, funny quotes, lovely quotes, inspirational quotes, cute animals, great fashion ideas, the list goes on. On Pinterest, people seek out or add or draw attention to those things that they love, that they choose to put their names and their stamps of approval on.

On the rare occasion when someone makes a negative comment on someone else’s pin, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Pinterest isn’t about getting your point across. It’s about getting a smile on your face. And on other people’s faces.

See? Unique and lovely. (Photo credit:, lifted off Pinterest)

Pinterest doesn’t have everyday photos of people’s kids smearing food in their hair and on the dog. First year seminary students aren’t arguing minute points about baptism and using all their new vocab words. Thank. Goodness. Some things on Pinterest aren’t as lovely as the others (there are a LOT of bacon pics…I don’t get it) but the ratio of wonderful things to look at or try or imagine in your own (someday) home is easily 10:1.

Pinterest: A 40,000 page magazine with none of the crappy ads.

So when people, generally women, post on Facebook that they are wasting time on Pinterest, I get a little sad. Beauty and imagination aren’t a waste of time, but you might want to think about kicking the Facebook habit.

Ha! Now who would have found this on Facebook? (Photo credit:, lifted off Pinterest)

8 thoughts on “Since when is looking at beautiful things a waste of time?

  1. I have to admit I felt a little let down when I read past the first photo on this post… I thought from your headline and the snowy-lane pic that you would be writing about seeing beautiful stuff in real life and the outdoors around you, and that maybe it had snowed a lot there in VA.
    This also reminds me of a conversation I had recently with the Resident Wage Earner about how people use the Internet- as a telephone book/directory/store lookup, as a mail-order catalogue, as leisure/blogsurfing/chatting, as speedy communication/email, and so on. You might accurately guess [from my name?] that he and I cast it in different roles, ourselves.

  2. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but unlike the stomach, the eye never gets its fill. I have some favorites in my mind’s eye, but am always “hungry” for more. Thanks for the new spot to look at for lovely things!

  3. I love pinterest! And, you’re right, time spent on there doesn’t really seem “wasted”. I find all sorts of neat tricks and ideas! And recipes! YUM :). I would love to follow you on there… I just looked and didn’t see you… Let me know if/how I can find you ;).

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