What gives, Disney?

Let’s play a game. In the following sets, pick which item doesn’t belong.

1. Girl’s name
2. Girl’s name
3. Girl’s name
4. Adjective

1. Boy’s name
2. Boy’s name
3. Boy’s name
4. Adjective

1. A partnership
2. A partnership
3. A partnership
4. Adjective

Today, not feeling my best and having woken up to another job rejection, I got comfortable with the Netflix Instant Queue and after a little Never Been Kissed, I watched the latest Disney animated feature film, Tangled.

It was cute enough, as new Disney and fancy-pants animation goes. I of course like that (spoiler!) she lives happily ever after as a brunette, but I couldn’t get past the name. A Disney cartoon shouldn’t need a subtitle, but Tangled on its own gives no indication of what the movie is about. The Fox and the Hound–got it. The Rescuers Down Under–roger that. But Tangled? In…a web? In plants? Is it someone’s name after all? You I just wouldn’t gather without a synopsis or a picture of the tower and the yards of hair that Tangled is the Rapunzel story.

So if Beauty and the Beast (the first animated film nominated for an Academy Award and the only film to bear this honor until 2009 when Up was nominated) is a good enough title for the classic-story-turned-Disney-blockbuster, how come Rapunzel didn’t cut it for Tangled?

To me it’s a clunker of a note in a symphony of lovely tunes. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid….Tangled. Cue the sad trombone.

It’s like writing a list that reads, “First, second, third, finally.” Finally doesn’t follow third, fourth follows third. A vague adjective doesn’t follow the Disney naming scheme and it bothers me. And on your 50th opus, too, Disney. Tsk tsk.

I need to wash this down with some Bambi.


2 thoughts on “What gives, Disney?

  1. Ha! I love your commentary on things I never would have thought about! And I love the trivia about Disney! B and I LOVED Up. Have you seen the quote floating around facebook that says, “Up told a better love story in eight minutes than Twilight did in four books.” Amen.

    Sorry I went off on a tangent there…

  2. Caleb is a big fan of Tangled and really enjoyed it. We thought it might be a bit too tense for him, but he really enjoyed it.

    Ask him how he pronounces Rapunzel sometime

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