One down, 18 to go

Of course I didn’t throw a Microsoft Paint party for myself. Dietrich hosted…

Today I finished the first draft (!) of my first children’s story (!) and I’m very happy (!) with the overall result. As a draft it will obviously undergo some changes, but the bones are there and they have meat on them. Yesssssss.

With Ray the golden alpaca born now, it’s time for Amanda Gorilla to have her day in the sun.

After that we’ll see where the Happy and Round series picks up. Two of those stories, chronicling the (mis)adventures of two baseball-loving little boys, were nearly complete but were lost forever on the errant USB drive. May it rest. And may my inspiration return ten-fold.

Also in the hopper, a young adult trilogy that follows a female cop through the streets of (yay, a location I can write about first-hand) Washington, DC. There are no vampires in these books. This is how I know they will sell to my target audience.

One day the grown-up novel I have in my head will also find its way on to paper. Interestingly, I have been mulling this one over for seven or eight months, and I still don’t have a title in mind. That’s how I know it will be good. Eventually.

And of course, my etiquette guide is always in the works. Feel free to email me ( with etiquette questions you would like me to answer in this tome.

Last but not least, my memoirs. One about my time as a sales rep, in short story format, and the other about other stuff, also in short story format I think. The sales one is partially complete, but I am still deciding whether or not to name names because I might need someone to print all these amazing works of genius and the old sales company is probably going to be my best bet. Things to consider…


7 thoughts on “One down, 18 to go


    The capital letters indicate that I am your target audience. (I liked vampires within reason, but that boundary line was crossed a while ago.)

    Change names to protect the innocent. People will read themselves in even if you do, so you might as well not bother validating them without making them work for it.

    Here is my etiquette question: Is it okay for a newspaper delivery person to walk straight across your lawn in her path to deliver papers? Even if she walks within feet of your library window and nearly gives you a heart attack? I see pros and cons (especially since if the bird had seen it, he would have freaked out more than I did).

    • I like the advice about changing the names and I will take it. You’re right, people see themselves in characters no matter what, and believe you me, some of these peeps are universal in oh so many ways.

      Let me ponder the newspaper delivery question and add it to the book. : )

  2. Congratulations on the draft! If you ever need feedback from someone who likes children’s books, let me know. The etiquette book sounds great too…judging from your experiences at the bocce-ball court, you may already have plenty of material in certain categories of human behavior…
    I’d be particularly interested in etiquette in dealing with thoughtless neighbors: case in point: the young woman living next door to me whose boyfriend seems to be of the considered opinion that the only real way to signal his departure from the scene after 11 PM is to rev his car motor for at least ninety seconds at top volume before driving off…the more the tires squeal, the better, apparently…

    • Thank you! Extra eyes on a solid first draft can be a writer’s best friend.

      As for your neighbor’s boyfriend. Well. Ahem. That will definitely go in the chapter on driving etiquette. My first question to respond to! Woohoo!

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