A capital day

The parents are in town this week! They came from a faraway land just to see me and the husband. And Dietrich. He got his presents before the husband and I got ours, so we know what’s up.

Yesterday we all strolled around Georgetown, but the two used book stores we went hunting for were both closed, so a lovely day of wandering ended with coffee at Dean and Deluca and no new (to us) books. Still a good day, and parking was free.

Today the husband was back at work and the parents and I hit a few of the highlights on the mall then met the husband for lunch and a lovely private tour of the Capitol.

This is us on the Speaker’s balcony. Most people don’t get to go out there. We’re not most people.

And the whole great wide world was…behind them.

And now, at the waning hour of 7:30 EST, it’s bedtime. That was a dang lot of walking for one day.


7 thoughts on “A capital day

  1. this is hitting close to home, given our pending move to big sky country. so glad you could have these quality moments with your parents!

    now go ice those calves and soak those feet.

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