My hunt for DC-area employment has been carefully chronicled here over the past few months, and anyone reading has seen that cynical amusement and outright frustration come in waves.

But who needs a new job when you can have the old one?

I start on Wednesday, full-time through May, at my old job. 😀 Working from home again, writing for different House members this time, and joining the weekly staff meetings via conference call. I. Am. Pumped.

Not only will it be nice to have a paycheck, which I was about to seek at the mall, but I get to have coworkers again! A boss I adore! A reason to live! No gaps in my resume, since starting Wednesday makes me employed in February when I left the job in January! Way to come at the right time, Leap Year. Three big fat cheers for THAT.

It bears noting that I have spent a lot of time looking for different jobs in my life. For all of them I have put my best foot forward, eagerly prepared for interview after interview, and always left one job to immediately begin the next. This is the first time I was hired from unemployment, and the first time I have ever been offered a job while sitting around in my bathrobe watching a movie and eating cookies and milk in the middle of the afternoon.

Lesson learned: Who you leave is almost as important as how you leave. Also, that thing about not burning bridges.


9 thoughts on “Re-employed!

    • Thank you! I’m (clearly) very excited. I think Dietrich is excited for me to work at the Starbucks sometimes–my constant presence cuts into his hours of napping. 🙂 His back is back to normal but random hairs on it are turning gray in the blink of an eye. Very strange…

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