My second first day

Today was my second first day at my new old job. It feels SO good to be working again.

Yesterday I zipped over to Target for a few things I would need, pictured below. My priority was a planner, which I had not acquired during the first eight weeks of the year because I had nothing to plan. Double bonus–now all the planners are dirt cheap.

The fact that my lovely planner and pretty notebook coordinate was purely an act of the clearance rack gods.

One nice thing about working from home is that I could pick out a notebook that’s a little more girly than I would have been comfortable toting around the House of Representatives. Yay. And the pen is not new, since we are still being frugal in the shoebox and I’m recently a big fan of using things until they break, wear out, or are otherwise defunct. The pen still works, so it still gets used.

And let’s be honest, there are lots of nice things about working from home. I know that I am truly blessed to be doing a job a love, being paid for it, and having the luxury of showering on my lunch hour. I am thankful for these things.

On this second first day, I banged out an op-ed, wrote a press release for a new rep, watched session, updated a few things, installed a few other things, and generally got up to speed with no issues. Tomorrow, who knows? I hope it’s more of the same, if not busier, since I do have a whole notebook to use up.


6 thoughts on “My second first day

  1. “a big fan of using things until they break, wear out, or are otherwise defunct”
    Too bad the government-around-the-corner doesn’t have this same view of its spending policies.

  2. Posted next to my computer, originally seen on an old Yankee magazine cover: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without.”

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