All in good time

What I mean is all in perfect time.

I believe in God’s perfect timing for everything, from when it rains to when jobs and moves happen. I also believe God has a sense of humor…look what I discovered today when I put my hair in a ponytail:

…and on the 8th day, man invented bobby pins…

Yep, those are hairs growing back around Martha’s front door. Until recently it was short enough to be covered by the ponytail-length hair but now it has a mind of its own. I couldn’t figure out what some ends of my hair were doing all the way over there when the rest were dutifully hanging in ponytail fashion at the back of my head, and then I tugged on these little rebels and realized their origin. Then I laughed out loud and thought about leaving them out in left field because since Martha, I mostly let my hair do what it feels like doing, so thankful I am that I have hair. But then I remembered I was meeting a friend for lunch and I try not to embarrass others with my personal choices. So I stuck a bobby pin through the cluster and no one but my blog readers are any wiser.

So how great is it that I can work from home and not care about making a professional first impression with a rogue hair tuft threatening to make an appearance? Perfect timing on the new old job and the hair tuft.

Getting back to work with a work-from-home situation is also perfect timing. Since I have felt too horrible with morning sickness the last few weeks to do anything, the husband and I are thankful that I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed to work. And now that all my normal-person clothes are getting uncomfortably snug in the middle section, I’m glad to have a job for which I can dress in yoga pants.

What’s that?

Oh yeah, I’m pregnant. πŸ™‚ Our baby is due in September. Pregnancy during a DC summer? Not my preferred timing, but see previous statement about God’s sense of humor.


12 thoughts on “All in good time

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  2. Good grief, you start a blog to chronicle adventures and they just keep rolling! A baby is much more fun than Martha, though, and undoubtedly cuter. Though I have heard that you lose a lot of hair post-pregnancy, so maybe there is a theme of “adventures that affect hair”? (Wait, no, that’s just being a woman, isn’t it? Hair factors into everything.)

    Congratulations on the hair growing and the baby growing and the job growing and all the exciting things in your life!

    • we’re calling the baby the little oyster. i told the husband i had a surprise for him when he got home from work that day, and he thought i picked up oysters for dinner. i hadn’t, but the idea stuck. πŸ™‚

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